A community of sex trafficking survivors...

who are so much more than their trauma

Our Services

Group Therapy

Trauma Informed yoga and other expressive therapies help survivors to reconnect with their bodies in a safe environment with other survivors.

Support and Social Connection

Support groups, peer one on one time, and community dinners help us to connect with each other in a survivor led safe space.

  • Monday afternoon support group

  • Friday evening support group

Fill out the intake form for more information about joining the support groups.

Support group intake form HERE

Treatment Planning and Referral

Text or call us for Assessment and treatment planning. as well as help with referral to safe housing and other services.

Housing Coming Soon! (2025)

We will Be Raising for a Resoration Home Soon! The RIC house will be above all a soft safe place to just be yourself and to heal


Call or text 202-735-1252

Located in Washington, D.C. area (confidential location)

Email drbeth@restoringivycollective.org

Instagram @restoring_ivy_collective

Dr. Beth and the Origin of the RIC

From sexual assault and trauma, to sex trafficking and addiction, to pregnancy, and ultimately finding a way back to myself. We are more than just our trauma and together, we can stand strong.

Need emergency referral, a group, or just support?

Text 202-735-1252 for information.

Get involved

Email us at drbeth@restoringivycollective.org for information on volunteering and donations.

Outreach and support

If you are interested in hosting a trauma informed yoga group at your safe house or outpatient program, please email us for more information.

Research and public awareness

Trauma Informed Yoga with Trafficking Survivors (Anxiety and Depression Association of America


Trauma informed yoga for sex trafficking survivors, group held summer-fall 2021

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